Ben Benjamin Orthopedic Massage Workshop: Shoulder Injuries

This workshop was designed by Dr. Ben Benjamin to help bodyworkers assess and treat specific injuries of the shoulder that challenge and frustrate most therapists.

Learn injury assessment and therapeutic techniques to address the most commonly injured structures in the shoulder, including the rotator cuff tendons. Learn how to differentiate muscle, tendon, bursa, joint, and ligament injuries. Palpation, hands-on treatment and stretching techniques are taught and fine tuned. This comprehensive workshop provides ample time and frequent opportunities to practice the techniques presented.

Date December 6-7, 2019
Location Body Mind Learn Center
616 N. North Court Suite 250
Palatine, IL 60067
Times 9am-5pm
Teacher Lois Orth-Zitoli
Credits 14 NCBTMB Credits
Tuition $298 Early Bird / $350 Regular Price
Early Bird Ends 11/7
Cancellation Policy Click Here

7 Dimensions of Ben Benjamin Training:

  • Anatomy: Students view, draw, and palpate relevant musculoskeletal structures.
  • Assessment: Students practice detailed history taking, palpation of injured structures, and specific orthopedic assessment tests for the shoulder.
  • Theory: Students use the history, assessment test findings, and the results of palpation to determine which structures are injured.
  • Technique: Students learn detailed treatment techniques to eliminate unwanted adhesive scar tissue, including deep transverse friction, therapeutic exercises, and stretching.
  • Integration: After learning the theoretical basis and assessment procedures, students integrate this information in hands-on learning games using case studies of actual clients.
  • Clinic: Students practice their skills by participating in an injury assessment clinic, free and open to the public, under Lois’ supervision.
  • Private Lessons: Those working toward certification in Orthopedic Massage fine tune their hands-on skills in additional private tutoring sessions with Lois.

You will walk out of this workshop ready to use this information on your very first client.

Who should attend this workshop?

Ben Benjamin Orthopedic Massage Workshops are for massage therapists who want to increase their expertise and success rate in helping to relieve their client’s pain. You will learn how to find the exact source of a client’s pain and how to administer effective treatment. These workshops will give you the knowledge and understanding to make you a more effective massage therapist.

About the Instructor:

Lois Orth-Zitoli is both an orthopedic massage therapist and a health/nutrition coach. She is the owner of Full Circle Health in Chicago. She has worked in the field of Orthopedic Massage Therapy for over 30 years, in both private practice and as the owner/director of Massage Therapy Professionals for 15 years. Under Dr. Benjamin’s direct supervision, Lois spent 4 years training to teach injury assessment and treatment to massage therapists. Lois is an engaging and passionate teacher who employs a variety of teaching/learning styles to meet the needs of each student.

What Workshop Participants Say:

“I just completed the Ben Benjamin Orthopedic Massage certification course with Lois. She is an excellent teacher and an expert in her field. I love her classes. She presents the information with skill and humor, providing real life scenarios where the techniques can successfully be applied.” – Ann Torp, LMT

“Lois’ orthopedic massage classes are fantastic. I have taken the whole series and am now a certified orthopedic massage therapist. I have learned invaluable techniques and assessment skills that I’ve been able to use right away with my clients- with great results. Lois is extremely knowledgeable and teaches with patience, passion and humor. If your goal is to relieve clients’ pain, these classes are indispensable! I highly recommend this training!” – Madge Lockwood, LMT, CLT

Cancellation Policy

  • $10 Administration Fee for Cancellation up to 30 Days Before Workshop
  • No Refunds after 30 Days Before Workshop

We reserve the right to cancel any workshop based upon minimum class enrollment requirements, in which case the tuition fee will be returned in full. Body Mind Learn Center/Structural-Balance is not responsible for any guaranteed/prepaid airline/hotel reservation. If any hours or days of a workshop are missed, no refunds will be given. Since many of the instructors are flown in from other states we have a limited refund policy. You may cancel your registration up to 30 days before the workshop.  Your registration fee will be refunded less a $10 processing fee. If you cancel less than 30 days prior to the workshop you forfeit your full registration fee.