Incremental Transformation to Improvement

When Kim said: “We need to rebrand and do a new website” the first thought was, oh my gosh, how do we even start that? Looking back on it now, we realize it was a series of small, but important, steps that lead us here. In the same way meet your 2019 goals.

The first was a new name. Name selection involved several factors: does it fit our business goals, website name availability, state licensing options, and overall marketability. After a few days of texting back and forth ideas (some really bad), all of sudden this one hit. We knew we had a good start.

Next, we needed a good logo. We are many things, but graphical designers we are not. Luckily another good friend is an excellent freelance graphical designer. Working with her, we collaboratively developed the perfect logo for our new site.

Finally was finding the right base to build our website. The website template needed to be constructed for events, flexible, and simple. We had some knowledge from our previous website, so we took the plunge and bought a theme to customizing it. We would work as far as we could and make a list of our problems. Then we would ask another good friend to trade some HTML knowledge for dinner or treatments.

What does this all mean for you as therapists looking at our classes? Simply we ask you to think incrementally towards owning your practice. Similar to us finding the right name, think about your goals, what you enjoy doing, and how you can enhance those practice areas through learning. Once you have that concept, look at the expertise of the providers to see who best fits your goal. And finally, don’t be afraid to jump out on your own with your clients to integrate what you learn, reaching out to resources to assist.

We hope by the end of 2019 you have incrementally changed your practice to transform it to meet your desires, goals, and expectations.